*please note that this cost excludes VAT* Chemical  Skin Peels A chemical peel is a skin treatment that can visibly improve treated tissue structure using caustic solutions. They help accelerate the natural exfoliation process of the skin and cause protein coagulation or lysis of epidermal and dermal cells. The effect of any peel reaches the dermis, directly or indirectly and to varying depths, where this process of regeneration is induced to a greater or lesser degree depending on the molecule or molecules used as well as the application procedure. Chemical peels are amongst the oldest form of skin rejuvenation procedures, and they are flexible and effective, with a histological, chemical, toxicological and clinical basis. Seeped in ancient history, they have evolved rapidly and can be easily adapted to almost any circumstances within the limits of their indications. Chemical peels, to varying degrees, cause the same types of histological changes, whose clinical results lead to a more or less rejuvenating effect on the skin. Due to the varying factors that come into play, it can be challenging to categorise peels into a rigid and straightforward classification of ‘Superficial’, ‘Medium’ or’ Deep’. The products you will learn to use will allow you to carry out either superficial or medium depth medical skin peels. Entry Requirements  Suitable Healthcare Practitioners, SPMU practitioners, Pathway into Aesthetics or NVQ Level 2 Beauty Therapy or Equivalent. Course Content
  • Health & Safety
  • A&P of the Skin
  • Consultation, Medical, and Consent Requirements
  • Contra-indications and Contra-actions
  • Pre-Care and Aftercare
  • Product Knowledge
Objectives At the end of the course, you will be able to perform a treatment in a professional, safe and hygienic manner in a commercially acceptable time, along with experience in carrying out a thorough consultation with the knowledge of the background, benefits, consultation, contra-indications, contra-actions, aftercare, equipment and the products needed. CPD Accredited Course: 4 credits 1 Day Course Models Provided We supply you with pharmacy and prescriber contacts to obtain your prescription products if required as well as supplying stock lists, you can also purchase products from our Wholesale Store. Join us today and and add this amazing treatment to your current portfolio! You can select your dates from the calendar, we look forward to welcoming you at the Beauty Worx Aesthetics academy! Location L40 5RZ