Skin Boost Remodelling
During the Skin Boost Remodelling Training Course you will learn an exclusive injectable skin-remodelling treatment to combat tired, dehydrated and ageing skin.

We cover a range of products and their advantages including:
• Sunekos
• Julapro
• Neofound
• Pro-fhilo
• PMP Peel

You Will Learn:
• Hyaluronic acid
• NAHYCO technology
• The difference between the solutions
• Injection techniques for face neck and body
• Pre and post care
• How to market these procedures
• Why is hybrid better
& mode of action
• Bioremodeling and clients benefits
• Contraindications & precautions
• Treatment protocol
• Needle techniques
• Demonstration –
Face (BAP) & neck
• Practical session
• Thorough consultation proces
• Full overview of anatomy
• Complications management