Qualifi Level 5 in Aesthetic Practice

The Qualifi Level 5 in Aesthetic Practice course has been carefully designed to provide learners with advanced skills essential for excelling in the beauty and aesthetics industry.

This diploma serves as a gateway for individuals aspiring to develop the vital competencies necessary to enter the workforce directly or pursue further education in the field of aesthetics.

Course Overview

The Qualifi Level 5 in Aesthetic Practice online course is a recognised qualification, tailored to meet the evolving demands of the aesthetics industry.

This comprehensive programme, totalling 17 credits (equivalent to 158 hours of Total Qualification Time), covers a diverse range of topics crucial for aspiring aesthetics professionals.

  • Legal and Regulatory Requirements in Aesthetic Practice: This module delves into the legal and regulatory aspects governing aesthetic practice. Topics include legislation, regulations, and ethical considerations relevant to aesthetic procedures. Learners will explore concepts such as informed consent, patient rights, data protection, and professional liability. Understanding these requirements is crucial for ensuring compliance and ethical conduct in aesthetic practice.
  • Professional Standards within Aesthetic Practice: In this module, students will examine the professional standards and codes of conduct expected in aesthetic practice. Emphasis is placed on maintaining professionalism, integrity, and ethical behaviour when interacting with clients and colleagues. Topics include professionalism in communication, confidentiality, maintaining boundaries, and promoting patient safety. Students will learn how adhering to professional standards helps practitioners to uphold the reputation and integrity of the aesthetics industry.
  • Working Collaboratively with Healthcare Professionals: This module focuses on the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in aesthetic practice. Learners will explore strategies for effective communication and collaboration with healthcare professionals, such as dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and primary care providers. Topics include referral pathways, multidisciplinary care planning, and establishing professional relationships. Students will learn that by working collaboratively, practitioners ensure comprehensive and holistic care for their clients.
  • Anatomy, Physiology, and Morphology of the Ageing Face: This module provides an in-depth understanding of facial anatomy, physiology, and the ageing process. Students will study facial anatomy, including muscles, fat pads, and structural components relevant to aesthetic treatments. Topics also cover the physiological changes associated with ageing, such as skin laxity, volume loss, and bone resorption. Understanding the ageing face’s morphology is essential for developing personalised treatment plans and achieving optimal aesthetic outcomes.
  • Skin Micro-needling and Chemical Peels: This module explores advanced skin rejuvenation techniques, specifically micro-needling and chemical peels. Students will gain insight into the principles, indications, and contraindications of these procedures. Topics include the science behind micro-needling, different types of chemical peels, treatment protocols, and post-procedure care. Practical demonstrations and hands-on training may be included to ensure proficiency in performing these treatments safely and effectively.

Students will be required to complete pre-study learning modules before progressing. Each unit will entail the completion of two research assignments and short-answer questions. Attendance at lectures and workshops is mandatory, focusing on honing practical skills alongside relevant theoretical knowledge. This will include hands-on experience working with clients in real-world scenarios.

Qualifi Level 5 in Aesthetic Practice – Entry Requirements

A minimum of a Level 4 qualification in a related sector (such as A QUALIFI Level 4 Diploma in Aesthetic Procedures for Skin Rejuvenation).

Learners may also possess current and valid Basic Life Support (BLS) and anaphylaxis management training.

If you do not have a current BLS please get in touch to book at the centre or add First Aid training to your basket.

A minimum of a Level 4 qualification in a related sector or; A minimum of 3 years’ work experience which demonstrates current and relevant industry knowledge. Current and valid Basic Life Support (BLS) and anaphylaxis management training

Please email your level 4 Qualification qualification to [email protected] your enrol will then be approved after an interview has taken place, we will then contact you directly.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Upon completion of the Qualifi Level 5 in Aesthetic Practice Course, graduates are presented with a plethora of career opportunities within the realm of aesthetic practice.

They can embark on enriching career paths in diverse settings such as aesthetic clinics, dermatology practices, medical spas, and various healthcare facilities.

With their comprehensive knowledge and skills, graduates are equipped to undertake roles as aesthetic practitioners, skincare specialists, laser technicians, or cosmetic nurses, among others.

Furthermore, individuals may opt to further their education or pursue specialisation in specific areas within aesthetics, unlocking even more rewarding opportunities in this dynamic and ever-evolving field.

Learners without any prior knowledge or experience in the field of aesthetic practice may find the Qualifi Level 5 in Aesthetic Practice course challenging.

Candidates wishing to register for this course must hold a level 4 qualification in a relevant sector or have a minimum of three years of experience that demonstrates up-to-date industry knowledge.

Candidates are also required to possess up-to-date and valid certifications in Basic Life Support (BLS) and anaphylaxis management.

Additionally, a genuine interest in aesthetics and a commitment to delivering exceptional patient care are essential prerequisites for enrolment on the Qualifi Level 5 in Aesthetic Practice course.

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