Advanced Aesthetic Treatments

Rejuvenate your look with a phenomenal range of techniques and treatments. We also offer packages at a discounted rates for student model bookings.

Aesthetics Services

Advanced Facial Contouring

1ml Lip enhancement £199

0.5 lip Enhancement £120

Russian Lip 1ml £170

Lip Correction By Dissolving £145

3 ml Snatched Package £400 (with cannula)

4ml Filler Package £500 (with cannula)

This package would suit jawline and cheeks and liquid rhinoplasty

5ml filler package £600 (with cannula)

This package would suit lips, chin, liquid rhinoplasty, cheeks or tear though and Jaw reshaping.

Nasolabial Fold (Nasal folds) £160

Marionette Lines £160

Jaw Line Contour From £190

At Beauty Worx Aesthetics we can help restore damage to your skin from sun exposure, smoking or simply just the ageing process.

Within minutes you will see the visible results by correcting wrinkles and lines using hyaluronic acid; Turn back the clock!

Did you know, and many studies have confirmed that Hyaluronic Acid fillers have the ability to hold and lock in the moisture in our skin? As we age the hyaluronic acid production slows down drastically and our skin loses the capability to retain firmness causing us to look aged and tire. Hyaluronic acid has the incredible ability to attract and store moisture in the skin, helping the skin to look and appear more enhanced and supple.

Anti Wrinkle Botulinum Toxin Treatments

Lower Botulinum

Nasal Tip Lift from £40

Bunny Lines from £40

Lip Lines from £40

Dimpled chin from £50

Gummy Smile from £50

Upper Botulinum Toxin

3 Areas £199

Top up £40

Crows Feet £100

Frown Lines from £120

Forehead £100

Profile £245

B12 injection £35 each or course of 6 available £180.00


Fat Dissolve £145 per area


Dermaplanning £35.00

Microneedling for face £99.00

Microneedling For Body price from £99.00


Fat Dissolve £145 per area

Personal Care Treatments

Brow Me Beautiful

Tint and Shape £16.00

Eyebrow wax £8.00

Brow lamination £33.00 (patch test required)

Facial waxing

Lip £6.00

Chin £6.00

Neck £10.00

Hairline £10.00

Lash treatments

Lash tint £10.00

Lash lift £30.00


Neck and back body massage £45.00 30.00 mins

Fully Body massage 1h £80.00

Over 200 5 Star Ratings

5 Star Ratings

Rated 5/5 by 200 Students

The CPD Group - Accredited Provider


Our Bestselling


Our Bestselling

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